App Features

Examples of App Features:

Events Feature

The Events feature allows for easy event promotion. Add upcoming & past events. Easy "I'm Going" button allows users to RSVP. Enable in-app event commenting & photo posts. Import events from Facebook. 

Call Us

The "Call Us" feature is a very useful feature that allows your users to quickly call you at the tap of a finger.

Fan Wall

The Fan Wall feature is an easy way to increase engagement with an app. The feature allow users to comment, ask questions, and discuss what they love about your business or service. Users can share photos, reply to each others' comments, and view the location fellow users were at when they commented. 

Food Ordering

The Food Ordering feature is a simple and effective way for restaurants to start taking orders through their mobile app. With delivery & takeout options, payment through the app, and a customizable menu with add-ons and pricing options, you have full control.


The Merchandise feature is a simple way for businesses to start making sales through their app. You can use the Custom option to create your own marketplace, or opt to integrate Magento or Shopify, if you have an existing marketplace on one of the sites.

Push Notifications

The Messages feature serves as your users' "library" for received push notifications. It allows users to refer back to previous push notifications they may have missed at receiving time. From within the feature, users can view plain text, template, and linked push notifications' content. They just need to click a message to view the details. If enabled, you can also offer a subscriptions view that allows users to tune in to the updates they wish to hear about.


A YouTube Channel feature is a great way to display your business' YouTube channel in a clean, accessible format right through your app. Before you configure this feature, please make sure your YouTube channel has a custom URL.

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